NS50 is an exclusive and customizable linear LED fixture. It is specifically developed as a continuous light row system with a guarantee of no dark spots. This guarantee is important to note, as dark spots will ruin the fluidity of a continuous row of light, and therefore also compromise the exclusivity. This fixture is customizable in length to your exact project, and can be fitted as a pendant fixture, as a wall-mounted fixture, as a ceiling mounted fixture and as a trimless built-in fixture. For your convenience in terms of installation, the NS50 is delivered with an internal Tridonic driver. It is furthermore developed with a Samsung board, which means you get the highest possible fixture quality. NS50 will provide general lighting of outstanding quality, and the continuity of light will make any room, hallway or staircase look both stylish and exclusive.

Item number Navn Pris
3624300010 NS50 LED Linear 600mm 20W 1.800lm €192
3624300011 NS50 LED Linear 1200mm 40W 3.600lm €320
3624300012 NS50 LED Linear 2500mm 80W 7.200lm €600