NS75 is the perfect LED solution to maximize lighting creativity in any given room. It is a unique expansion to the Normasym product portfolio because of its exclusivity and flexibility. The linear tracks of the NS75 is a slim and magnetic click-on-system, developed to be as simple and convenient as possible. It is a plug and play, tools free and cost saving solution in terms of installation and maintenance. We call it a creative lighting solution, because the connective system of the NS75 are linkable without limitations, which means it can be divided into sections and light up individual areas or objects. You are also left with a number of interesting options when purchasing NS75, as the tracks enables spot, panel, downlight and pendant modules to be mounted directly into the tracks. The addition of either of these is very simple, which enables you the re-arrange the lighting whenever you feel like it. NS75 can best be described as innovative, slim, stylish and flexible.