Who is Normasym

Normasym was founded in 2010 by Rune S. Larsen. At Normasym, we develop and design innovative and energy-saving LED-based lamps. We have a desire to meet the growing demand on green solutions in the construction sector and create sustainable lamps of high quality, designed with a specific focus on the individual. The headquarters of Normasym is located in the northern part of Copenhagen. Here, two industrial designers develop the main part of the products provided. Furthermore, we have OEM arrangements with bigger illuminating companies for a few of our products.
Normasym, the name of the company, can be divided into the two words; norma and sym, with norma meaning ‘role model’ and sym being an abbreviation for symmetry. At Normasym we desire to be a role model in the lighting business by designing green solutions and create symmetry in our products.

Focus on quality

At Normasym, we provide both indoor and outdoor lighting products, primarily directed to the construction industry. Every product is tested by impartial organizations, such as Danish Technological Institute, before we introduce them to the marked. The testing of the products assures that all of Normasyms performance criteria are met, including long operating life, high energy efficiency and great quality of light. Robert and Ilkei, the company’s two educated and talented lighting designers, assist in simulating 3D animated designs in extra high quality. This helps to present a visual of how the illumination will appear, which is an advantage for the architect, the consultant and the entrepreneur. Furthermore, the simulation provides the electrician with an overall view of the lighting plant’s installation.

Great network and correct products

The CEO of Normasym, Rune S. Larsen’s background with studies in the USA and China has provided the establishment of many great contacts for the company. This has led to a composition of the right components which enable the most effective LED lighting fittings on the market today. At Normasym, we place emphasis on performing thorough market analysis to make sure that we only provide the market with products that will cause success for the entire construction industry.

Meet Rune

In the last ten years, the CEO of Normasym, Rune S. Larsen, has engaged intensively in LED illumination. He has a background as an electrical engineer and also has an extensive and specialized advanced training in the LED technology, which makes him one of the leading experts in Europe on the field. Rune S. Larsen has published a pioneering Danish book on the topic in 2011, the first book on the Danish market concerning light-emitting diodes. On a daily basis, Rune S. Larsen gives advise on the many facets and possibilities of the light-emitting diodes and is for example behind multiple LED solutions at bigger companies all around the world. Since 2003, Rune S. Larsen has been in contact with research, development and production environments at home and aboard. His book has been praised in multiple leading Danish media such as Berlingske Tidende, Ingeniøren, Installatør Horisont, Dansk Energi, Building Supply, Dansk National TV. Moreover, Rune S. Larsen has given more than 200 lectures in Scandinavia where he emphasizes the technology, LED solutions and the advantages related to these, which for instance can involve great energy savings and therefore has been requested by many, especially in the construction industry.