About us

The year is 2010 and the young and entrepreneurial guy named Rune Søgaard Larsen sits in a basement with a burning passion for the LED industry. At this point he is already an educated electrical engineer specialised in LEDs. The year 2010 is a busy year for him, as he is not only writing the first Danish book on LEDs but also in the process of establishing the company today known as Normasym.

At Normasym we design and develop energy-saving LED-based lamps. We have a desire to meet the growing demand for green lighting solutions in commercial companies and create sustainable lamps of the highest quality, designed with a specific focus on the individual customer.

Our company name originates from the two words Norma and Sym. The latin word Norma is an expression of organisational structure. We are a highly structured company founded in Copenhagen, but centred on the vision of delivering LED solutions to the entire world. The word Sym is an abbreviation of symmetry. When we design and develop our products it is with a specific focus on Scandinavian design and symmetry.

To always ensure the ability of delivering a complete solution, we have several collaborators in the form of OEM manufacturers, whose products can be found in our Onestop-portfolio.

Quality focused

At Normasym we offer both indoor and outdoor lighting. Our innovative LED products can be installed in a wide range of projects ranging from industrial warehouses to extravagant hotels. Every new product is tested through impartial organizations, such as Danish Technological Institute before we market launch. The testing of the products assures that all of Normasym’s quality requirements are met, including long lifespan, high-energy efficiency and great quality of light.

Our two educated and talented lighting designers assist in simulating 3D animated designs in extra high quality. This helps to present a visual of how the illumination will appear which is an advantage for the architect, the consultant and the entrepreneur. In addition the simulation will provide the electrician with an overall view of the lighting installation.

Network and expertise

Throughout his education and while researching material for the writing of his LED book, Rune has established several strong business relationships for Normasym. His studying in U.S.A. and China, along with his attendance at numerous industry exhibitions, has resulted in the strong network of which Normasym still do business and hold partnerships with.

In well over ten years, Rune has engaged intensively in the LED industry, which means that you can always get the professional guidance needed. Our network and expertise are combined in our product portfolio, where only the latest and most innovative components are assembled to give you some of the most efficient and aesthetic LED fixtures available.

A lot has happened since the year 2010, where every order was carried out from a basement. In addition to the two aforementioned lighting designers, Rune has surrounded himself with a strong team of colleagues. No less than 12 people work from the headquarters in the northern part of Copenhagen to keep the business growing, and to meet any enquiries of environmentally friendly lighting for all types of companies and individuals.