Why choose Normasym?

At Normasym, we focus on the quality of light and life. The quality of our products is extremely important and we have some of the world’s leading lighting designs within the field of LED. Our ground-breaking design and the extremely high quality is secured by a lot of tests throughout the entire product lifecycle.

We follow the product right from the start of the design process to the production, where we have selected only the best production facilities, and to the installation of the luminaire at the end user. When designing and producing our products, we only choose to proceed with the best possible products that meet our high-performance criteria. At Normasym, all our luminaires have a long operating life, a high energy efficiency, and a great quality of light, which is actually one of the best on the market.

The Scandinavian design of Normasym luminaires guarantees an exquisite, impressive and attractive LED lamp. But the extravagant appearance does not affect the usefulness of the luminaires. Our lamps are compatible in almost any environment, as we have a board line of products that fit every need you might have. We offer small luminaires that fit everywhere but also robust lamps that can withstand a lot of dust and strokes.

How can we help you?

Are you an architect, engineer or contractor?
At Normasym, we develop and deliver tailor-made solutions to fit your individual needs. We put a great effort into ensuring that your new LED lighting solution fit your expectations, wants and necessities. But how do we accommodate your needs?

The process starts with you calling us, when you need energy efficient lighting to your project. When calling us, you will probably get a hold of Rune, the CEO of Normasym. He has many years of experience as a lighting consultant on various large projects both nationally and internationally. Based on the information you give him, Rune will compose an informational document with the products he finds suitable for your exact project. We send the document for you to confirm – but if you have any objections, we go straight back to the drawing board.

When you confirm to the suggested solution, we start involving our lighting designers. You can say, that the lighting designers are a bit of a ‘Normasym-specialty’, as they are educated, talented, ambitious and - best of all - completely free of charge. The lighting designers will now start engaging in a close dialog with you, to get the precise details of your expectations. When they have the information they need, they will begin composing and plan how your final solution is going to be.

The lighting designers then reach out to the Normasym-team and this will ensure the highest possible quality in terms of both product and installation. You will then receive a complete report on the agreed solution, along with samples of the product you have purchased. After this, it is only a matter of time before an electrician knocks on your door ready to install your brand new lighting solution.

Do you own an electrician company?
When working with electrician companies, the work process is a little bit different. This is mainly because it is a ‘company-to-company’ process; whereas the process with e.g. an architect makes a bit more room for a more dynamic and long-term dialogue.

When working with an electrician company, the process begins with us receiving a construction bidding. Before the dialogue itself even begins, we handpick the right lighting designer and calculator for that specific project. When the right project-personnel is chosen, we open up the dialogue with the customer to ensure that you have no unanswered questions to the solution before the design and development process begins. If you have no further questions our talented lighting designer now starts composing the right solution for the project.

The lighting designer is in contact with the calculator continuously throughout the process. When the lighting designer and calculator are done they send their results to the Normasym-team, who then calculates the final offer. After this, it is only a matter of getting the last details and changes cleared before the complete solution finally is send directly to the company door.

Get started with LED today

Does this sound interesting? Find the perfect lamp in the best quality with an exquisite and impressive design and explore the new world of LED lighting by contacting Normasym today.

Initiate the process by calling us on telephone +45 7199 5825 or contact us by email at hello@normasym.com to learn more about your opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!