Light up the swimming bath with LED

Have you ever considered how an LED lighting solution can change the atmosphere in a swimming bath? And what you need to consider when changing your lights to LED? We give you the answers right here!

When changing the lighting solution in a swimming bath, you have to consider a couple of things. Below, we will provide you with some tips on what to consider, and also give you an example of a successful implementation of LED in Gladsaxe Swimming Bath.

Even in the best air-conditioned pool, the luminaires must resist high humidity and temperatures. The luminaires will also be splashed, unless they are placed very high up. Therefore, you’ll need products rated IP54 or more. Also keep in mind, that even though the chlorine level in the pools nowadays is not as high as previously, the chemical can still attack some popular grades of stainless steel, turning it black and pitted. The problem can normally be fixed with powder-coated finishes as long as they are of good quality and not damaged during installation.

Another important design consideration is the swimmers’ safety. Reflections from the lighting should not prevent the pool attendants from seeing a swimmer in trouble. This is really important to look into when installing a new lighting solution. Furthermore, the maintenance should not be forgotten. Some luminaires in the swimming bath, like the ones placed over the water, will be hard to access. The position of the luminaires should therefore also be kept in mind.

Gladsaxe Swimming Bath is an example of successful LED lighting in a swimming bath. In Gladsaxe, 44 2x400W high-pressure sodium vapor lamps were replaced with 285W LED luminaires. In the past, only 22 lighting units were in function as it was too expensive to light all 44 lamps. Now, the 44 LED lamps can be controlled and dimmed, which enables the pool attendant to change the atmosphere and adjust the lighting to the required intensity. The change of the lighting has created great savings and the dimming possibility only adds to these. Furthermore, the lighting quality and level in Gladsaxe Swimming Bath has been improved considerably.