With an ESCO (Energy Service Company) project at Normasym you can obtain guaranteed energy savings.

Normasym is nominated as ESCO partner which means that we can help you with a solution where you’re guaranteed an energy saving. If the stated energy saving is not reached it will be Normasym’s responsibility to remedy and secure the remaining conservation of energy. Thereby, this solution is perfect for you, if you wish to change to LED and save energy with a guarantee.

When we’re to find an ESCO model that fits your needs, we often use the Retrofit LED solutions, as the payback period on these solutions typically is the shortest. With an ESCO arrangement from us, you can expect an optimum energy saving. Normasym handles the maintenance of the LED solution in the period, which is typically in five to ten years.

In most cases, all electrical work relating to the installation of the new LED solution is carried out by one of Normasym’s collaborative partners, which mostly are bigger electrical contractors in Denmark. Normasym specializes in lighting but if you want an ESCO arrangement which includes other industries such as plumbing and heating, carpenter, windows etc. this can be arranged without any problems.

When you make an ESCO arrangement with Normasym, we always arrange an opening meeting in order to match your expectations. The process can be handled in several different ways and we want to make sure that all the parties concerned agree to and are pleased with the arrangement.
ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) modules, which are approved for use in ESCO projects, will be mounted after the opening meetings. Thereby, Normasym can track the consumption in the existing installations and then examine and analyze the different potentials of energy optimization. This makes Normasym able to compound the right solution to the specific customer.

If you’ve already connected your electric plant to CTS or another system, which controls the energy consumption in different areas of the building, Normasym is able to offer ESCO 2.0. This makes it possible to perform live measurement 24/7 and with ESCO 2.0 we can guarantee even greater energy savings in combination with our ECM solutions.