New products: NS86 and NS91

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Our product portfolio is expanded by two new high-quality LED luminaires: NS86 and NS91.

In Normasym it is our ambition to develop high-quality LED luminaires based on the newest technology available. Thus, we now launch to new, exclusive and innovative LED luminaires as a part of this ambition.

Our new model NS86 is a LED wood bollard constructed in massive quality wood and with a wood stain look. This good-looking bollard lamp can with advantage be applied to paths and urban environments. You can read more about NS86 here. Our second new model NS91 is a wall mounted, waterproof lamp in a minimalistic design and robust structure. NS91 can with advantage be used in supermarkets, hallways, and parking houses etc. You can read more about NS91 here.

You are welcome to contact us if you have further questions in relation to the advantages of LED or our new products.