NS15 is a powerful and robust build-in LED spot with a minimalistic design. Rings in the rim of the lamp can be changed into different colors which can be a great advantage at places where a specific expression is desired. Following colors are offered: white, blue, red, gold, and silver. NS15 can be delivered as standard IP20 and as IP65 in the strongest, robust material. The lamp provides a very impressive warm light and can be used in for instance house building, hotels, and restaurants. The IP65 version can be used with a white, more neutral light at the outdoor scene, at train stations, eaves or other places where the lamp will suffer from high wind and extreme weather. NS15 has an extremely long lifetime which is due to a thermic dimensioned construction in aluminum with a graphite structure. The product can be dimmed nice and stably with most of the light dimmers on the market and it is possible to omit cables between luminaries. The product has a five-year guarantee.