NS17 is an exclusive linear LED lamp to install in ceilings. It is developed with a special lens-system, enabling you to very precisely control the light. NS17 can either be delivered with an ordinary fixed frame, a frame with a flexible lens and movable light column or with a frame developed to being built into a wall, which gives you a sleek and integrated look. The three product variations have an amazing quality of light in common, and can be delivered with fixed tilted lenses at 10, 15 or 30 degrees. NS17 is dimmable with most traditional dimmers available on the market, DALI and 0-10V. Both frame and reflectors can be delivered in a RAL colour of choice, but are delivered with a white frame and black reflector as standard. The exclusivity and options within NS17 does not neglect any of the usual LED benefits, as it is of genuinely high quality, meaning incredible energy efficiency and longevity.