Smart linear luminaire

NS52 is a linear luminaire of high quality in a neutral design. This luminaire is related to our popular NS57 luminaire, and therefore it shares the incredibly simple connective system. The cables to NS52 is plug&play, which means that the electrician does not have to open the luminaire and install the cables - he simply clicks them straight onto the luminaire. Thanks to this system the working time of the electrician is minimized and the installation time can be reduced as much as 40 %. The luminaires can be connected in one line up to 400W with the included cables. Apart from the easy installation, the NS52 is also very robust with its IK10 classification. The IP68 rating furthermore makes it waterproof and durable in most harsh environments. The technology behind NS52 ensures that you do not see the diodes but only a continuous, luminous line of neutral lighting. The luminaire can be dimmed with both DALI and 0-10V, and comes in lengths 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. The luminaire can be mounted on the ceiling or suspended from it. As an extra, the NS52 can also be delivered with emergency lighting.