NS54 is a linear lamp which can be mounted on ceilings, walls or suspended from the ceiling with wires. The LED lighting unit has a classical design with rounded edges which makes cleaning of the lamp extremely easy. NS54 has been developed to fit into tough environments such as the industrial sector, agriculture, and incineration plants with temperature variations. As the lighting unit is waterproof it can be installed in wet areas. It has an LED module and driver from Philips which secures stability and thermal efficient cooling ensures a life time on 80,000 hours.

The energy-efficiency on NS54 is one of the highest on the market. Cables between luminaires can be omitted and the lighting unit can be dimmed nice and stable with DALI or 1-10V. NS54 ensures an energy saving on 50-60 % but can also be ordered with a microwave sensor, which lowers the luminous intensity to 10 % when there is no activity in the room. This creates a further 30 % energy saving. It can also be delivered with a battery back-up that makes it useful as emergency lighting. The product comes with a five-year guarantee.