NS58 is a pendant LED linear luminaire developed to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures. It is for indoor use only, and is highly suitable for supermarkets and warehouses. It is a hanging lamp that is pendant in wires. The housing of NS58 is of aluminium, which makes it a robust, but also a lightweight, fixture with a total weight of just 950 grams. It is durable in rough environments, and in temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius and up to +50 degrees Celsius. NS58 is also developed to be proof of short circuits, over currents and over voltage that ensure you a functional fixture at all times. NS58 has an energy efficiency of 5000lm at 45W, and comes with a colour-rendering index of 80, which is significantly better than your traditional fluorescent tube. The quality of light is incredibly good with a functional and neutral colour temperature of 4000K.