NS70 is a potential candidate in future environmentally sound lighting. The fixture is developed to replace the metal halide lamp in general spot lighting, including locations such as retail stores and museums. The products are fitted with the latest in phosphor coating. The new method is called CCPT, which among other things ensures the unmatched longest lifetime and most energy efficient light source. The phosphor coating is removed from the LED chips and runs at up to 60°C less than a standard white chip. This ensures an unprecedented, less than 30 % light depreciation over 70.000 hours. The consistency of the light is within 3 SDCMs and with the option of 2 SDCMs more accurate than any other artificial light source on the market. High-efficiency reflectors combined with the LED module produce unprecedented output and consistency. The luminaries and driver are guaranteed for 5 years.

Item number Name Price
2128300001 NS70 LED Track Light 40W €147