Wall mounted LED luminaire

The NS92 is an exclusive series for wall mounting, either as a sleek, integrated lamp built in the wall, or as regular mounting on the wall. The NS92 is not only exclusive in looks and styling. It is also an incredibly strong and robust series, obtaining IK10 status, which simply means it is specifically developed to withstand shocks, blows and even vandalism. The series is delivered with the latest LED technology and driver, ensuring you a very long lifespan and the best energy efficiency on the market. The NS92 is delivered as IP65, meaning it is waterproof and enabling you use is as an outdoor lamp or installing it in damp rooms. Are you in the mood for some colour? The NS92 can be delivered in various colours, but is delivered in the sleek graphite white as shown on the picture.


  • Robust lamp (IK10)
  • Blurred front glass ensure minimal glare
  • Graphite paint for a great finish
  • Waterproof
  • Five-year guarantee


Wall monunted in outdoor projects. Used in several areas like office buildings, hotels, private houses and restaurants.




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