NS21 Retrofit LED Tubes

NS21 is a LED tube which can be used as a replacement for common fluorescent tubes. The product is low in price but the LEDs assures a high energy efficiency on 164 lm/W compared to the normal 110 lm/W. NS21 provides a nice, neutral white light with a significantly better light quality compared to fluorescent tubes. A 300-degree diffusion of light guarantees an even illumination on the desired area. Moreover, the LED tube can be installed without any alterations of the lighting unit other than replacing the fluorescent starter with the LED starter. When implementing NS21 it will most frequently result in an energy saving of 60-75 % and a payback time on under a year in the industry. Because of thermal plastic on the rear, NS21 has an extremely long lifetime and it is guaranteed for five years.


  • LED tube
  • Replacement for fluorescent tubes
  • 300-degree diffusion of light
  • Nice, neutral white light
  • Good light quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Five-year guarantee


  • NS21 can be installed in every place where there is an already installed fluorescent tube.
  • Fx parking garage, malls, company buildings and for instance in the industry sector.




Please get in touch hello@normasym.com for the price list or if you need any assistance with your project.